Tattered Cardigan Boho Chic Turquoise Jacket Shabby

45 USD

Boho turquoise cotton cardigan with tattered black raw cut nylon neckline details. Perfect for spring and breezy summer nights by the sea.

Wispy turquoise cotton cardigan with shabby black raw cut nylon neckline details. Spring or summer weight jacket / sweater with crinkle nylon details at the neckline with a soft luster or sheen. Upcycled cardigan. Asymmetrical neckline details in shabby, woodland fairy inspired style.

Size - Medium to Large (best fit Medium)

Bust - up to 38"(96.5cm)

Waist - up to 35"(89cm)

Length - 22-22.5"(56-57cm) from shoulder to hem

Shown on a Small dress form.


Care: Hand wash, cold or machine wash on gentle cycle in a net bag. Lay flat to dry. Finger fluff trim. Black details may be trimmed to neaten.