Shabby Sleeveless Top in Turquoise - Cotton Camisole Tank - Lia

25 USD

Raindrops and stormy seas with palm trees moving in the wind. This top is inspired by the beach in it's many moods.

Turquoise tank camisole shirt in deep turquoise cotton kissed with a swirl of olive green gauze trim at the neckline and a light olive peplum ruffle at the front hemline makes for a perfect stand alone shirt. Versatile summer must have fashion.

Upcycled soft deep shimmer of a turquoise tank with a raw cut curl of feathery deep olive gauze at the neckline for pleasure and a tiny asymmetrical light olive raw cut ruffle for a peplum effect at the front hemlne. Perfect under a shrug or jacket or alone against bronzed skin.

Size - XX Small to Small
Bust - 25-34"" (63.5-86.5cm)
Waist - 24-30""W (61-76cm)
Length - 23""L (58.5cm)
Modeled on a Small dress form.

Care: Hand wash, cool, gently. Lay flat to day. Finger fluff trim. May be briefly fluffed in dryer on low.