Island Hopping Tunic - Boho Seaside Turquoise Top

40 USD

Island tunic in sea green turquoise with a soft tattered neckline detail in spring green vintage print cotton with a swish of tulle in misty blue. Simple summer tattered chic fashion.

Islands in the sea deserve their own style when you're there - candy colored houses, sea and sky and a few simple summery things you can wash out in the hotel sink and wear again for a casual meal by the water.

Simple upcycled tunic top with shabby neckline details is silky soft and relaxed. Neckline has bits of green and blue vintage cotton print and misty blue tulle in a soft flower effect. Bottom hemline and neckline details are raw cut and unhemmed. Essential summer 'go anywhere top'. Pair it with a floaty skirt or cutoffs. Great for maternity. Ultimately packable and travel friendly. Will take you shopping, out to an evening's entertainment and dinner and off to walk together on the sands by the ocean. Bring your sandals !

Size- Small to Medium
Bust - up to 40"(101.5cm)
Waist - up to 44"(112cm)
Hips - up to 44"(107cm)
Length - 34"(86.5cm)
Modeled on a Small dress form.

Care: Machine wash in cold water on delicate cycle in a net bag or hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry. Finger fluff neckline details.