Boho Cowl White Scarf One of a Kind Collar Necklace Handmade

29 USD

Boho white cowl fabric collar necklace or infinity scarf in soft white chiffon has tattered neckline detail in raw cut polka dot satin and wispy cream jersey floral panel base. Soft boho textured choker is hand created with double layers of ruched chiffon over soft whisper weight cotton jersey. Top band is cream floral jersey as well.

Soft chunky cotton and chiffon cowl can be worn several ways for versatility. The cream long floral panel can be worn up top folded down for a shorter look or on the shoulders for a longer, chunkier style(shown). Super scrunchable fabric allows you to play with the style for different effects. Raw cut chiffon and satin near the tattered chic details. Botton jersey panel is raw cut at the edge as well. This is loose enough to go over your head and leave a loose, fluffly style scarf around your neck. Wear as a choker, fabric collar, cloth necklace, infinity scarf or cowl. Light jersey and chiffon double weights transcend seasons but can be worn in cold weather. Romantic bohemian accessory for giving a tattered, wispy style to your closet.

Dimensions - Approximately 9.5-10"(24-25.5cm) long
12-13"(30.5-33cm) wide

Care: Hand wash in warm water, very gently squeezing water from it. Hang or lay flat to dry. Finger fluff satin trim.